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cheap fare guru Reviews

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    JASMINEG93's Picture   JASMINEG93    1 Comments   Comments
  • Only issue was my fault

    I was worried about this website, but after being on my flights and all there were no problems. When I bought them, I put the wrong phone number on the reservation. (It didn't match with the credit card) I think they handled it well and called a few times to make sure there wasn't any fraud. I called the airlines, and we had our tickets. Every representative I talked to was polite and thorough. I talked to them in the after CST. I'm writing a review to say they worked, no issues, and I definitely will come back to them for their cheap flights. Hopefully if they grow their... More...
    Juhumph's Picture   Juhumph    0 Comments   Comments
  • Costumer Service

    It is one of the very savage company because when they start talking they have no manner at all they never no to whom they are talking with Once i had i problem that i had booked the ticket and it has to be confirmed while confirming the ticket the link did not work it was just refreshing but it did not run so i called to them in coustmer service but they have no manner at all they answered very rud so i just want to tell them to be the human being.They seems like savage.They don't know the value of cusstmer. More...
    mahendra's Picture   mahendra    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap Fare - Too Great a Risk

    So, I booked a flight on-line. Soon as I submitted my payment information, a page popped up saying there was an error and to chat or email. Chat button did not work. There WAS no email listed on that page that I was now stuck on. Called support - was on hold for near an hour. Finally, someone answered, took my booking number and put me on hold. For another half hour. Then I got disconnected. The number has been busy ever since. I can't say I'm surprised. So, I finally found a customer support email. No confirmation that the email was received and haven't heard back. If I... More...
    elbeau's Picture   elbeau    0 Comments   Comments
  • Had a great experience with Cheap Fare Guru

    I have to say first that I was skeptical when my tickets to Paris from them were so cheap. But now that I'm back from a wonderful vacation with absolutely NO hassles at the airport, I must say I had a great experience with Cheap Fare Guru. It is a bit odd that they call you back to verify it's you, and make you jump through a couple of hoops like sending back an email and verifying a small purchase on your credit card. But it was worth it. I've already made a second reservation with them to Hawaii and when I checked my flights with United, everything is great! People on the... More...
    wpicard's Picture   wpicard    0 Comments   Comments
  • Guru 's approach to doing business

    Booked a flight with them which was a big mistake try and contact them re: cancelled flight and them passing your e mail on to airline so the airline can contact you . The end result was they told me I was a no show never heard back from them I booked thru another site not a lick of problems, guess the guru taught me a good lesson never to call or try and call them again for my travel needs More...
    toa1955's Picture   toa1955    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud

    I booked a ticket and they called asking about visas. I said I have the visa and they don't have to worry about it so they wanted me to send a copy of my visa to them. When I asked why, they said Lufthansa needs it to book the ticket. This of course is not true and just to make sure, I called Lufthansa and they denied the need of my visa for reservation. All they wanted was to make up some reason so I don't get the ticket at that price but and were trying to sell me an expensive ticket instead. More...
    RohitRathi's Picture   RohitRathi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rebooking

    I had to cancel my flight due to some restrictions. I have been trying to call them for 2days, the only thing I'm getting is a busy signal. Finally someone answered and I was roundly told to call back tomorrow. I called back the following day, the supervisor is out of office. Please please help, I must travel ASAP. Looking at the complaints, it seems that they might be fraudulent activities with this company. Traveling on Lufthansa More...
  • Total ripoff

    I had to cancel my trip and received an email confirmation that the cancellation fee would be $200. When I wanted to rebook, they first did not answer the phone for days, then when I got an answer, was put on hold for an hour. They told me the rebooking fee was $535, although the same flight was then at a lower rate on their web site. They said it was against the rules to book me on the lower priced flight, they had to book me on a higher priced flight and charge me the extra cost. When I challenged them, they put me on hold again and then disconnected. More...
    otor1357's Picture   otor1357    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap fare guru

    this is the worst travel agency i've ever dealt with. I called them and they put me on hold. One time i was on hold for 15 mins and then i hang up on them. I called them back and they put me on hold again. I waited for 35 mins until my patience blew up, so i hang up on them. Don't buy tickets from them! Worst business ever! More...
    veta02's Picture   veta02    0 Comments   Comments
  • AirTkt Guru

    Shocking service, cancelled my ticket whilst I was on the phone after a 25 minute wait on hold after online booking and confirmed flight. Promised that they would call back immediately with another agent to complete the booking, which obviously they failed to do and then the number was engaged for the next 30 minutes. Trying to book urgent flight and had no way of knowing the actual status as they made no contact. More...
  • Didn't refund money easily in case of refund & harass customer like nothing

    Do not purchase any ticket from them. I purchased last year Dec for this Feb Travel back to India. Due to some emergency i had to cancel it. I purchased the travel protection plan also. As per that they should return my entire ticket money apart from travel protection money of $85. I find that is good option. But, the reality is -> They immediately deduct my $500 & it's been more than 3 months - I haven't received my money back of $1085 which was confirmed by them later. I sent lots of mail. They put me on hold whenever I called them. They always gave me false information... More...
    SatyakiDe's Picture   SatyakiDe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid them to buy your ticket

    We bought a ticket from Houston to international destination and paid $ 1020 for May 15th,2015 with insurance. For job related reason my wife cannot make a trip. I called the quatar airlines costumer service first to cancel my ticket and get the refund. They said that since ticket were purchased through cheap fare guru website, we would have to call their customer service. I made a call to whatever guru customer service. It took more than an hour for them to answer my call. The guy in customer service answers with heavy accent ( can barely understand his English) and said that there is a... More...
  • ticket discrepancies

    I purchased a ticket at cheapfareguru's web site with my credit card on Wednesday. I immediately received an email from their site confirming the itinerary and that my credit card was confirmed. About 30 minutes later I received a call from someone who I could just barely understand who said he was calling from cheapfareguru. He said he was calling to "confirm" my flight and asked me to send a confirmation email back to him to accept the charges for the flight. He quoted details of the flight and 2 of the details were different than what their confirmation email had... More...
  • Regret using Cheap Fare Guru

    I purchased tickets that went thru but with an unexpected $60 booking fee. Have been trying to change one leg of the ticket. After being on hold for >30min was transferred and then told it would be very expensive $350 plus the new ticket price. They could not give me a price, TOO expensive he tells me, Very poor English. Finally gave up and am trying again, I AM ON HOLD. Really regret using this business. More...
    CSchmitz's Picture   CSchmitz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap Fare Guru fare refund

    I have read many terrible reviews on ChepFareGuru (CFG) and I wonder why those people did not take any legal action against the company. I also wonder how come this company is still in business. I had a terrible experience with the Cheap fare GURU and I am planning to take a legal action. I booked an international flight with the company and they could not deliver the e-tickets but charged my debit card immediately. I had to cancel the reservation and was promised for a refund. It has been 11 days I did not receive the refund on my debit card account. CFG did not answer the phone calls and... More...
    Fikretkargi's Picture   Fikretkargi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Change Of Ticket Price!!

    Hi, This is in reference to the Booking ID# 5FJQVO for the ticket travel date if 8th Feb and Return date is 11th March, 2015. I want to make the change in the return ticket from March 11th to May 27th, 2015 and I called up the customer service and got to know the penalty for $458 to pay. When I asked for the breakup of this amount, they mentioned that $300 will go to Airline, $25 is the cheapfareguru charges and rest of the amount of around $125 is the difference in taxes. Please explain why there is a difference in taxes I need to pay if I am only making the amendments in the return... More...
  • Never care about you once you made the reservation with them

    I made reservation through cheapfaregure and later I wanted to prepone my forward journey. I called them almost like 20-30 times for changing my reservation. Every time I call they say "The changing department is not here. Please call again". The pricing of these guys is also not fair. They say when you change a ticket you will be charged $350 (which is more than any other site) and difference of fare. But when they say the total amount after repricing it will be completely different. They will add another $100-125 on top of it and they will never provide an explanation. They... More...
    achyuth's Picture   achyuth    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deceptive Manager tried to trick me into confirmation offered a reservation from CLT to CEB using US Airways and Asiania for $1359 Later this reservation no longer appeared however it could be acquired as two separate reservations I called cheapfareguru support line and explained the situation and asked if the two reservation could be combined into a single reservation. I was assured that it could be done - all I needed to do was order the tickets %u2013 then call to combine them. Event: On July 31, 2014 I went online and made the two reservations. I then called support. While I was on the phone with one agent trying... More...
    tonybgood's Picture   tonybgood    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worked better than I hoped

    American Airlines dumped me in Chicago 3hrs after my flight left for Doha with Qatar Airlines. No one to talk to , not even a sign left at my gate. Was given a cot to sleep in the airport with all the other stuck hordes and a toothbrush in the morning when they woke us up at 4am. Still not directions or help in sight. I managed to get a ticket back to MCI my starting point. I called "Mr. Sandy" at Cheapfare guru" told him what happened. My tickets were non refundable. They said, they would get back with me. They reissued me valid tickets all the way thru and changed my end... More...
    outrider3's Picture   outrider3    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bait-and-Switch Business Model

    I don't get it. Do people actually reward this organization with their business? Here is my experience: 1. Search for flights between Boston and Lisbon. 2. Get search results that show a flight with SATA selling for 1050. 3. Select the flight because it is the best deal in town. 4. Get to the booking page and realize that these bastards pulled a bait-and-switch on me. The flight I am about to book is now with US Airways with a different schedule and different prices. 5. Curse under my breath as I exit the website, promising to never ever do business with them in the future. Ever.... More...
  • cheap fare guru cannot be trusted

    i booked two rounded trip tickets, and later found out i have visa problem, so that i have to cancel our flights. i called many times, and every time i got a different answer and advice. they lied every way to prevent me from changing or cancellation. they did not answer emails, and long waiting for calling. in the end, i lost a lot of money. to me, they are sharks, only care about their interests, not customers. i will NOT do bussiness with them any more in the future. NOT recommended. More...
    earofwood's Picture   earofwood    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap Fare Guru baggage fees information incorrect

    I booked a flight from Orlando, Florida to Singapore on this site. The flight information was incorrect. Originally my information showed layovers in Manchester and Munich, but my e-ticket confirmation did not have a layover in Munich. I had to contact the airline for the correct information. Also, the baggage fee information was incorrect. Cheap Fare Guru said a second bag on Virgin Atlanta would cost me $48 USD. After talking to Virgin Atlantic I was told that policy changed a year ago and it would actually cost me $100 USD. I would have never booked this flight if I had been given... More...
    manders1215's Picture   manders1215    0 Comments   Comments
  • Booking Flights, New travelers be warned.

    DO NOT TRUST THEM! They will scam you by cleverly disguising your itinerary (look at acronyms closely) until after you have purchased the ticket. They do not fully disclose the cost between luggage and transferable flights. Example I booked a flight to London, Heathrow to Madrid, Spain at a great price. It wasn't until I received the itinerary and a person called saying "You do know it's at a different airport"%u2026REALLY? NO WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT ON THE ITINERARY%u2026"Yes it does, at the bottom"%u2026.YEAH IN A TINY ACRONYM. I was suppose to transfer to... More...
    cdom's Picture   cdom    0 Comments   Comments

    I purchased 3 roundtrip airfare tickets. After the purchase was done and confirmed, they tried to charge me more. It took me 15 calls to get the confirmation numbers, itinary, ticket numbers. All these info kept changing. I was unable to do a check in online due to the wrong IDs. During these calls they would put me on hold and forget about me. Save your time and never go there! I am disputing an extra charges right now... More...
    nomikos's Picture   nomikos    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap Fare Guru

    My uncle bought a ticket for my and my fiancee to Spain as a graduation present to myself. My fiancee later discovered he had to return earlier than expected due to academic requirements. I contacted AirFareGuru to change our dates. After speaking to 5 reps I was informed the cost is $1,100 to simply change the dates. OUTRAGEOUS!!!! The difference in price between my flight and the earlier is only $80.00. This is robbery!! I then contacted the airline myself and they informed my AirFare Guru placed a block on my account making them the only persons capable of... More...
    TamaraSpiller's Picture   TamaraSpiller    0 Comments   Comments
  • air ticket

    I bought an online ticket for my grand mom thru CheapFareGuru not aware that her visa was expired. I contacted them as soon as i knew the status of her visa to have them postpone her flight agreeing to pay for the cancellation fee of $350. Now my grand mom's visa has arrived, I called them back and was put on hold for over 40 minutes transferring between 4 different people. Still, no one could help me. They told me to call back and talk to a certain individual because that person was not there at the time. I called again on the 2nd day, and i was put on hold for over 20... More...
    SaraThao's Picture   SaraThao    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam Artists

    Purchased R/T Airfare from Westchester, NY to Osaka, Japan for $1607. I was sent email confirmation and a voice mail to call in to confirm the ticket and that the ticket and price were not guaranteed until confirmed (the credit card had already been billed the total amount). I returned the call and was told of a change in connecting flights and that it now arrives at one Tokyo airport and departs from another TWO HOURS AWAY! I told them it was unacceptable and to cancel which is when I was hit with a $150 cancellation fee??? I asked how that's possible since the flight... More...
  • Good experience.

    After reading the reviews on this site I almost cancelled my booking made yesterday for tickets to London Heathrow.I am pleased that I did not as I got an email last night from the airline concerned confirming our seats.I did get a call back from Eros Travel earlier,they never asked for copies of any thing,all they did was ask me to confirm who I was and made sure that I was fully aware of my flight times and flight numbers.The caller may have had an Indian accent,how ever he was very polite and courteous. What ever this company policy was in the past it has obviously changed the way they... More...
    kAKTUSALBIR's Picture   kAKTUSALBIR    1 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    We were sent an email advising we will be charged $200 for the cancellation. and we cancelled just 3 days after we made the reservation. The email indicated we will be refunded the rest but it will take one to two billing cycles. It has been 6 weeks and nothing, I have sent emails and no response. Why would it take so long to get a refund when they got the entire amount up front right away? Why would it take so long to get half of it back as promised? It takes a second to get the money from your debit card but forever to get it back? More...

    I booked a round trip ticket from New York City to Taipei from them, due to a death of a family member, I needed to postponed my return flight to one week later. Even with the death certificate of the family member, they charged me $375 for the process fee and claimed the airline wanted it. It has been two weeks later, I am still stuck in Taipei, and have not received my ticket. They are scam artists, do not book from them More...
    lilykay0118's Picture   lilykay0118    0 Comments   Comments

    I bought two tickets from Tampa Fl to Indianapolis In and payed 594$. I booked them for Oct 9th to Oct 14th. When they sent me the itinerary it was for the 9th till the 21st!!! I called them to make the correction, they said there would be a 300$ fee to change the dates. So I decided to just cancel the ticket and they told me they were non nonrefundable. On top of that if I wanted to cancel they would still charge me the 300$ and the price of the tickets. Then, to top it off, when I was talking with customer service trying to get this all straighten out I could barely understand the man... More...
    marywaldrop's Picture   marywaldrop    3 Comments   Comments
  • Customer support sucks

    do not even think to book a ticket from them. I had purchased my ticket from newark to kolkata(travel date is end of April) two months back.Till that time there was no issue since I had not interacted much with their customer service.Two Week before when I had to cancel my trip , I called them up asking the cancellation charge for my tickets. One of their customer service guy probably Ron told me that they would charge 300 bucks for the same.I did ask them to cancel my ticket yesterday ,Paul told me that since this is none refundable ticket they would not pay me back even single penny for... More...
    somnath's Picture   somnath    4 Comments   Comments
  • agent lied about ticket price

    I booked a ticket from DC to Atlanta and the charge was $388. An hour later, the agency called me and told me that the AirTran airline is modifying the ticket price and will now cost $489 ($450 for the ticket and the rest is agency fee). I believe them and bought the ticket. When I checked in at the airline, the receipt that AirTran charge CheapFareGuru is only $339.40. CheapFareGuru actually lied to me about AirTran's price change. When I called them to complain, the agent does not care, and I told her that I will file a complain with BBB and AirTran, etc. All she said is go... More...
  • Ticket

    I booked a ticket from DC to Atlanta and the charge was $388. An hour later, the agency called me and told me that the AirTran airline is modifying the ticket price and will now cost $489 ($450 for the ticket and the rest is agency fee). I believe them and bought the ticket. When I checked in at the airline, the receipt that AirTran charge CheapFareGuru is only $339.40. CheapFareGuru actually lied to me about AirTran's price change. When I called them to complain, the agent does not care, and I told her that I will file a complain with BBB and AirTran, etc. All she said is go... More...
    lchu's Picture   lchu    1 Comments   Comments
  • stay away

    we booked a flight we had to cancel, we had no choice. we paid 1069.00 they are now trying to charge me another500.00 when i can get the flight on line for half that amount,i have been on he phone with them all day getting the run around, just wanted to warn anybody thinking of booking with them More...
    lann1958's Picture   lann1958    8 Comments   Comments

cheap fare guru Reviews By Product

cheap fare guru Comments

dharani says: (5 years ago)
Cheapfareguru- Worst Experience.

When I saw a deal from sfo to india almost half the price of all major websites, I decided to give it a try.
They sent me an email confirmation, but i dint get my e-tickets, So, i called them up the next day to check if its confirmed. They said they will call me back in 2hours. After 2hours or so i got a message on my phone saying that my ticket has been cancelled. What the crap? I called them up again to know what is the reason. I also asked them why dint they call me to tell that my ticket is cancelled until i have called them up to check. They gave some reasons, after some discussion he dint know what to say, so he said they called me up but couldn’t reach me it seems :O which is for sure a lie.

Leaving all these apart, my funds are not available immediately which they said would be available immediately. Now how shud i book my another ticket if my funds are not available??

I sent a message on online chat, after some time he stopped replying to the messages also. Is this how they treat a customer?

When they say “all sales are final and guaranteed” what does it mean? it means they can cancel any ticket any time and happily send a message saying hey your ticket is cancelled??? they don’t hold any responsibility? how can anyone buy a ticket from this website with confidence? they shud at least replace the ticket with other airlines or compensate or do something for the trouble they created. This is not the way any company dealing with public should be.

They also say that the insurance bought with the ticket wont be refunded(ofcourse i dint buy but still). So they can cancel all the tickets and sell all there insurances which out actually providing any insurance,. this is a scheme. Great idea.

Worst Experince and horrible customer service.

Nappi says: (5 years ago)
I didn't seem to have a problem with them. I checked with the airlines and they everything was legit. My flight was changed to an earlier time but everything seemed fine.

travaler says: (6 years ago)
This company is completely FAKE.

When I saw the deal almost half the price of all major websites, I decided to give it a try.
They sent me an email confirmation, but three days later i received another email saying that my ticket was canceled (and this is three days before the trip).

When i called the hotline, it sounded like it went straight to comeone's cel phone in India. The person said that nothing was charged on my credit card, and didnt see a charge on the card by the third day.
The following week they charged the full amount on my card, and told me it would take up to 2 months to refund the charge.


Guruservice says: (8 years ago)
On the website it does say all inclusive of taxes and fees. How do you expect the United States economy to grow? We have to charge the agency fee we are giving you service! Everybody in the world charges you a fee. You really think the clothes and the food you buy are at the same cost. Absolutely not! They are making money or else how are they suppose to pay the expenses. Why don't you put that in your little brain of yours. And still we are giving a lower fare! Thats why you came to our website because you have searched all other websites.

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